Transparent animal welfare, environmentally regenerative, with 10% to food banks, always.

Just west of Toronto.

We're a modern, regenerative, ESG-first farm (just west of Toronto)

At least 10% to local food banks

Environmentally & Socially focused, backed by transparent Governance. (hence, ESG)

Animal welfare is essential, as are the environmentally regenerative practices that enable our animals to live well, sustainably.

Food insecurity and inequality are real struggles in our community, and while we can't feed everyone (yet), at least 10% of what we raise is donated back into community food banks.

In 2020 we gave away enough chicken and turkey for our local food banks to create over 300 meals.

Your subscription directly helps solve the food insecurity and inequality challenges in our neighborhoods

Serving 220 Chicken Pot Pies with 10 Provenance Farms Chickens at The Stop Community Food Centre

Serving 120 Thanksgiving 2020 meals with Sanctuary London


"Enjoyed our first Provenance Farms chicken this week! Thankful to reconnect with good friends. Our roast chicken was delicious!"

- Lindsay McKendry

"Here is a chicken from your farm that we made last night. Oven roasted low and slow with a Mexican Dry rub. Also used the bones to make bone broth. The chicken definitely had a rich flavour and had a great fat to protein ratio that made it perfectly moist and tender."

- Suneel Bahal

"Action shot! Our 1st Provenance Farms chicken dinner. We were a little too excited to jump in but I still managed to nab this guy. Great broil for this broiler."

- Quinn Lawson

Daily Photo and Video Log

Watch them flap and forage. See for yourself how your animals look, are growing, and are treated.

Fresh Food, Water, and Pasture

See when they're fed, when their water is refreshed, and how often they're moved to fresh pasture.

Growth Curves

See how well they're growing, and more importantly, that they're healthy.

Weather Data

So you can understand how much daylight they've had, temperature they've experienced, and see how well they do through inclement weather.


Track how often their environment is sanitized, not just for their health, but to ensure a strong biosecurity profile.

Collection Day

These animals are raised to experience a life that is psychologically and physically satisfying, but their 'one bad day' will come and it should be a calm, low stress, and honourable one. Come collect your portion and honour their life, and death, with us.

Environmentally Regenerative

We quantify, measure, and map soil, air, water, and animal health baselines, inputs, outputs, and the delta of regeneration over seasons.

The intent is to understand, in a causal way, if indeed, and through which mechanism of action, our operations are impacting, and ideally improving the soil, water, and air quality.

We're tracking multiple data sets and will be supplying data as part of the OMAFRA provincial soil strategy towards health and conservation in 2021.

Socially Striving

Whether donating to food banks, or working with schools, building into the social fabric is paramount to this project.

To date, a few schools are making post-pandemic plans to build curriculum with us, while over 500 meals have been served through local foodbanks in Toronto and London, Ontario.

Ultimately, we know more can be done as community than ever could be achieved alone.

with Open Governance

We're building out loud, so everyone can understand, and decide for themselves, what food they choose to feed their family and friends.

This means more than just asking for your trust. If you care about whether your food was treated well and was good for the environment, then this means making our process verifiable and open.

You should not have to guess.

Our governance structure follows investor grade reporting standards, SASB Agricultural Products Sustainability Accounting Standard FB-AG, and we're working towards multiple sustainability accreditations.